Andreas Smith, Contributor to Moving, for You: A Tribute to Empathy

In Memory of Rebecca Finch, 1989-2017

Good Morning,

I thought I might share this personal note with you all since I feel that you all know me better and although we work many hours in the same building it is difficult at times to keep with our real world lives,

I may have spoken to you about my niece and battle with an aggressive renal cancer.  She was an exceptional young woman.

Last year she finished her Master’s Degree in Business focusing on Music and Non Profit Corporations at Florida State where she also received her undergraduate degree in Music and Music Performance.  She had worked with the Orlando Symphony Orchestra as well as the Walt Disney Corporation and was currently working for Apple Care. She met her husband while working in Orlando and they attended FSU together in Tallahassee, they had planned to be married in October, but were married 4 weeks ago.  My Mother told me it was her strong will and stick to it attitude that kept her going longer than the doctors said.  They originally gave her a few weeks, and she made it about 6 months.  She was bossing everybody around Thursday, but on Friday she felt tired, they took her to the hospice care where she could rest.  She went peacefully in her sleep.  May the Lords Peace be with her spirit.

9 hrs · Cary, NC ·  

Rebecca passed away tonight after a short but intense battle with cancer. She certainly changed my life for the better and I'm sure she affected many of you in similar ways. I'm so sorry for all of your loss. She will be dearly missed.




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