Nothing here below is profane for those who know how to see. --Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Suzanne works as a memoirist and intuitive. 

Writing: She's the author of Much to Your Chagrin: A Memoir of Embarrassment (Atria, 2009), which is about the year she spent collecting embarrassing stories on the streets of Manhattan, only to discover that her own life had become the most embarrassing story of all. Her work has appeared in Tin House, O Magazine, Quartzthe Rumpus, and elsewhere. Most recently, she published Battle Dress: What I Wore to Confront My Past (Kindle Single, 2017), a longform essay about reckoning with decades-old sexual violence. She has written about boxing, generosity, intuition, the genre of memoir and more. Suzanne has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a Master's of Fine Arts degree in Non-Fiction. 

Intuition: Since childhood, Suzanne has been an empath and also receives intuitive messages via sight (clairvoyance), sound (clairaudience), and knowing (claircognizance). Fourteen years ago, in her late 20s, she began consciously developing her intuitive gifts in myriad ways, including through the study of astrology and tarot.

Though she started reading professionally several years ago--including one-on-one readings and group events--it wasn't until after a tragic loss in 2017 that Suzanne decided to become more public about this part of her life. Facing mortality in such an intense fashion made her acutely aware of the passage of time--how we relate to it, how we use what time we have--and one outcome of this awareness has been a driving need for authenticity. This work helps her keep things real within herself and she hopes inspire that in others, too. 

Many people comment on her unique use of language and her ability to help clients center themselves in the midst of transitions and other challenges. (See below and also here, a writeup from the In Goop Health Summit.) She frequently combines her writing, editorial, and intuitive expertise to help clients bring creative projects to life. For more information about one-on-one intuitive readings and/or group events, please contact Suzanne at suzanneguillette at 


Every time I've had a reading with you, I always feel much more connected and at peace with the present than before we talked. You're so intuitive. You have a natural ability to connect to people and put them at ease with not just the process, but with what they're going through. -MA

I can’t even begin to tell you how HUGE our conversation was for me today. You gave me so much information and perspective and guidance and just wooooowwwww…What a wonderful gift you have! -CT

Well, I just had to share this miracle of love and healing with you. Thank you so much for being there and getting me through with your wisdom and support!! -AF

You are an extraordinary talent, a healer. -DS