Philip S. Kennedy-Grant, Contributor to Moving, for You: A Tribute to Empathy

Copyright Philip S. Kennedy-Grant


We put mama in a casket and then in another one

It’s not quite what we wanted but what the government wanted done

We stood around so solemnly as a holy man said a prayer

We were all a bit uncomfortable since it was hot and humid there


The holy man kept praying so my mind began to drift

I found that I was wondering how hard the coffin was to lift

I half-remembered the sacred words but not the page they’re on

It didn’t hardly matter since mama’d been so long gone




It’s a place we all must go


Oh, Arlington


I gazed around the family who’d gathered from afar

I was happy to see some of them and learn how the children are

As always, Pop was stoic, it’s always amazing how

My life’s not much affected, but what does he do now?


Before You Are, Forever, Gone

Am I never to see you again?

Will you forever ignore my pleas?

Must I forget the love we were in?

Is all I get my old memories?


 Am I to be cast off, set adrift?

Will I forever be lost at sea?

Have I had my last bat, have I whiffed?

Have you had it, completely, with me?


Is there no hope, no glimmer, no ray?

Will you, at least, let me state my case?

Will you not grant me the moment to say,

One more time, “I love you”, face to face?




Calligraphy by Amorosa5