Carolyn Mickelson, 1952-2016, Contributor to Moving, for You: A Tribute to Empathy

Transcript from video taken in December 2015, courtesy of Ophira Edut

I just want everyone to know how important they’ve been in my life. Every single person. I’m a part of you, and you’re a part of me. My nieces say that my soul will go on, and I’ll be able to talk to you, so I’ll try to tickle you with feathers and make you laugh. I don’t want you to be sad. But please remember me. Remember all the good times we had together. There are so many.

 One thing I’ve learned all these years is we really are all one. We’re all connected. It’s really about love in the end. It’s all about relationships. Money doesn’t matter. Careers are important, but in the end they don’t matter. What matters is just knowing that you love people and that they love you—that’s all.

 And I don’t want anybody to be sick or suffering.

 Take care of yourselves. Your body, mind, and spirit. It’s important that you stay healthy and strong. I hope I see you all someday again on the other side. And we recognize each other. 

Carolyn Mickelson is the author of Lady Dandelion, which chronicles her journey with Stage III ovarian cancer. 




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