Linda Thomas, Contributor to Moving, for You: A Tribute to Empathy

In Memory of Kabran "Parle" Spooner, 1977-2016

Kabran Jamal or “Parle” to many in the next generation. One who was able to Parle anything into something good. Thank you for opening my eyes to the many things I did not see. Make no mistake I did see the love in you, bright son, the brother, a true friend. I did see the phenomenal artist in you, the master mixer.

I look for the good in everything and see your face.

Rest in peace.


Dear Son,

Thank you for being the embodiment of love. Kabran loved us all more than we could love ourselves.  He tried he really tried to be there for you. He wanted you to know you’ve got a friend.

In the end son, I hope you know you were much more than anyone could ever ask for.

Love you,





Calligraphy by Amorosa5